Future Circular Economy Solutions

Case in Finnish!

In our shops, many measures have been taken to promote the circular economy. For example, the amount of waste has been drastically minimized. Additionally, many K-Group stores offer many opportunities for recycling. However, these measures are still not enough as there are always ways to further promote the circular economy.

How can we continue to better support our clients in a sustainable lifestyle? What kinds of new services or ideas can we introduce to, for example, reduce household food waste? How can we work to make our recycling points more accessible to our customers? What completely new ideas could we explore in the circular economy? How can we also turn these ideas into profitable business?

We need new, concrete ideas and solutions that support our company’s strategic policies and our corporate responsibility strategy. As the most responsible trading company in the world, we are always on the hunt for new and feasible ideas towards sustainability and the circular economy.

We challenge you to challenge us to solve the problems of the circular economy!