Multilocation classroom (MLC) -Gamefication

DigiCampus project is building new kind of “telepresence” rooms for higher education campuses. The technology utilized is called Multilocation Classroom (MLC).

The mission would be to develop a concept/idea for a teaching app / game / experience. Teams should demonstrate functionality of the idea with cartoonlike / animation tools.

MLC is totally new kind of way to connect spaces / classrooms. One of the walls in the room (for example 8x3m) will be changed to interactive screen. In the middle of the wall there is an integrated 4K camera, which films the people in the room and the MLC system sends the video / audio feed to the connected MLC room. People will see each other “through” the wall. You can also display a video feed of a lecturer or animated objects in the wall. Objects can be moved/guided with a controller or gestures (like MS kinetic).

Following functionalities have already been developed:

  • Learning/teaching space (local / connected)
  • Meetings / Cafe – meeting point
  • Connecting MLC spaces together – sense of unity
  • Soundscape – digital experience for wellbeing
  • Performances / shows / distance lectures