16/11/20/11/2020 Tampere

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Multilocation classroom (MLC) -Gamefication

DigiCampus project is building new kind of “telepresence” rooms for higher education campuses. The technology utilized is called Multilocation Classroom…

Myllyn Paras

Finnish Macaroni 2.0

Myllyn Paras is a well-established company with over 90 years of experience in the production of grain and frozen products. We…

Nokia & Pirkkala

The Ideal Life In 2040

Living, working and leisure. Nokia and Pirkkala are two of Tampere’s vibrant neighboring municipalities. We want to know what kind…


Solving Global Problems

Do you wonder why climate change is not being tackled effectively? Are you interested in finding ways to control people’s everyday…


Packaging second life

We manage our deliveries through the whole supply chain with suitable solutions. This can be called “packaging first life.” At…

UPM Raflatac Tampere

Waste to Value

What is the element that catches your eye when shopping for wine? It’s the beautiful and elegant label. What is the…