Event Area & Personnel Resource Opportunities Using Artificial Intelligence

Bright is a leading Nordic provider of event technology products and services. We carry out approximately 2,500 different projects each year in Finland, each of which must be staffed with the right personnel for its production.

Our staff works in light, video, audio and structural engineering. Each project has a project manager, as well as designers, content providers and logistics professionals.

We are looking for a learning application based on artificial intelligence.

The task is to build a model for future booking using artificial intelligence and thus release the current staff from booking to staff development.

The starting point is to produce a service description and a model that meets its needs. The operation of the model is initially influenced by the equipment list of the project in question and the schedule that artificial intelligence utilizes. What is needed is a model that reads the specified data points ie information about what is required of a person and how artificial intelligence can continue to work.