15. Startup case ENG supported by Platform6 & The city of Tampere

Solve the world’s problems

The world around us is changing and it is full of opportunities. On the other hand, there are also many problems to be solved.

Have you ever wondered why climate change is not being tackled effectively enough? Do you want to find everyday ways to curb people’s consumption habits or to come up with new innovations to build a better world? The UN has identified 17 sustainable development goals that both developing and developed countries should address by 2030. The list includes improving gender equality, combating poverty, responsible consumption and production, decelerating climate change, providing quality education and ensuring clean water.

In this challenge, the team generates a startup idea related to solving a problem that is shaking the world. The team itself chooses which challenge they want to solve. After the Sprint Innovation Festival week, it is possible for the team to get help to develop the idea further if they want to!

The world is changing. You can solve it!