Biocode Oy

Tools for food companies to calculate the impact of climatic effects

Come generate ideas for tools, which restrain climate change. Biocode Oy is looking for new business models and ways of calculating climatic effects that would operate with minor changes in the international markets. A business plan will be devised for the chosen concept.

Climate change is challenging companies to search for new ways to lessen the impact of climatic effects. Founded in 2017, Biocode Oy helps farms and food companies to reduce the climatic effects of their operations.

At the moment we produce services, that help us calculate the carbon footprint of food, by utilizing data generated directly on farms. Company-specific calculation tool enables a continuous calculation of carbon footprint as initial data changes. A separate web service has been implemented for individual raw materials, such as wheat, to calculate the farm-specific carbon footprint. In the future, the web service will also provide access to benchmarking data.

Calculating carbon footprint helps our customers strengthen the competitiveness of their products by providing company-specific and benchmarking information on the carbon footprint and its evolution over the years. Additionally, the calculation enables the identification of development-targets to reduce the carbon footprint.

Biocode Oy aims for the international markets, thus the calculation tools we have developed are based on international standards and guidelines for carbon footprint calculation.