Anssi Rantanen

Anssi is an entrepreneur, ex-Google employee and a strategist who became one of the most sought-after speakers after winning the Nordic Business Forum speaker competition in spring 2019.

Anssi has a unique combination of technology-optimisim and human-centric thinking: his 3-year stint at Google gave him a frontrow seat to the technology revolution and into how the technology giant creates a culture of intrapreneurialism and continuous experimentation.

Today Anssi Rantanen is the Finland CEO of the education company Growth Tribe Academy. Growth Tribe Academy is the first and largest growth academy in Europe.

“On our way from a traditional broadcaster to a streaming video provider, it is essential to get a world class inspiration and practical tips and tactics on how to drive our transformation. Anssi and his speeches are full of energy, and his message is extremely strong, applicable and important. His speeches really wake you up and positively brainwash you. If you want your organization to move to the next level, call for Anssi!”

In Pre-Sprint 9.11., Anssi talks about teamwork and its significance, and on Sprint Wednesday 17.11. he talks about modeling a solution idea through some examples.