4. UNA Finland & UNA Tanzania

Addressing the problem of youth unemployment in Tanzania

United Nations Associations are non-governmental organizations (NGOs). There are national UNAs in almost 100 countries. UNA Finland and UNA Tanzania are long-term co-operation partners and have worked recently together especially on SDGs. The current co-operation project includes a sustainable development hackathon to be implemented in Tanzania 2022. The solutions provided by Innovation Sprint Week students can be integrated to the hackathon or otherwise implemented e.g. via UNA Tanzania’s youth sustainable livelihoods programme. 

Addressing the problem of youth unemployment in Tanzania. 

Around 70 percent of the population in Tanzania is under 35 years old. Although the economy has been growing rapidly, there are not enough jobs for the around 800 000 young peole, who enter the labour market annually. In the long run this can become a challenge to peace and security. 

The challenge is, how to better equip the youth so that they can create sustainable businesses or find decent jobs. The solutions can relate e.g. to improving critical thinking, innovation and technical skills, computer, language and entreprenuership skills and/or ability to network and find access to financing. Main economic sectors in Tanzania include agriculture, tourism, forestry, fishery, mining and manufacturing. Adapting to climate change is a challenge to be noted. 

SDGs related to the challenge: 1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 16, 1