2. Pirkanmaan osuuskauppa

Just perfectly exotic ready-made food

We are looking for a solution to a new, suitably exotic and commercially interesting fresh ready-to-eat food concept.

The Asian taste world has fascinated Finns for years, and taste experiences in everyday food are increasingly sought after. However, we are looking for something completely new and exciting exotic food solutions could in our opinion be found not only in Asia but also in Africa or the Middle East, for example.

Our goal is to find a food concept that allows the consumer to have a taste adventure in their own home. We are looking for a solution that is interestingly exotic, yet approachable enough to appeal to large crowds of consumers as well. We hope that the products included in the concept will be light meals and can also be enjoyed cold. Sushi is a particularly successful example of such a solution.

We challenge you to come up with new ideas for what could be the next sushi on your local store shelf!