9. Natalia Kallio, Human right activist

How to reduce inequality?

Inequality is global but also national problem. Inequality appears in multiple dimensions in our society. We can see it in the income gab, gender inequality, health care, social class, education or even in how people view their future. The roots of inequality are often complex and multifaceted. The roots of inequality can be consequence of longterm deveploment but it can also cause from sudden events.  To understand it, we should review it from intersectional approach. Inequality haves a big affect for peoples welfare, economics, employment and to social peace.

I challenge you to create concrete ideas, roadmaps or projects on how to reduce inequality in your local, national or global environment.

Natalia Kallio is a human rights activist who works as an educator in international human rights organizations and youth organizations. She has just published her first book ”She Needs Bigger Boots”.