15. City of Tampere

Sustainable mobility

Backround: The emission of traffic in Tampere are mainly caused by road traffic. The residents of Tampere make about half of their trips by car but the city’s growth can’t lean on passenger cars as strongly in the future. The city aims for a strong growth in sustainable mobility modal shares and clean propulsion. New sustainable mobility services – for example shared cars, demand-responsive transport and city bikes – reinforce sustainable traffic system, reduce the need of private car ownership and usage, improves the fluency of the residents’ everyday lives and make the use of public transportation easier. Guidance of mobility is encouraging towards sustainable mobility, for example through consulting, transportation planning, marketing, and developing new services and trials. As the city is a big employer, they will be leading the way in this mission.

Challenge: How to get people to walk, cycle or use public transportation more instead of private cars? What should the guidance of mobility be like so it would attract users towards sustainable mobility modes? What kinds of mobility modes attract people (taking into account seasons) and what additional service around them could/should there be? How can Tampere.Finland application encourage people towards sustainable mobility? (A carbon footprint counter is planned for the application, but the ideas could be expanded even further)

Tampere aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. This means that Tampere will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent compared to 1990 levels and that the remaining 20 per cent will be compensated by increasing carbon sinks, such as forests and green areas.

The programme is particularly aimed at reducing emissions from urban planning, housing, mobility, energy and consumption. In addition to the city group, key collaborators include Tampere-based businesses, associations and residents. The programme specifies measures as jointly agreed between the involved parties and launches projects to implement them.